Unable to open photos on your computer? Does the error message, ‘unsupported file format.’ pops up every time you try to open a picture in a photo viewer program?

Photo viewer programs help to view pictures on your system with some additional features like editing, zoom, rotation, etc. They render the image based on its color depth, color profile, and resolution.

Usually, image viewers can open common JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, etc., file types. But some programs may not support certain file types, such as RAW files from digital cameras, HEIC files from iPhone, EPS, or other uncommon formats.

Possible causes of unsupported image file error

‘When I try to play videos, whether online or those stored on my computer hard drive, they play in slow motion. Why do videos play slow on my computer? How to fix slow video playback in Windows PC?’

Slow motion video problem can occur in streaming as well as stored videos on your hard drive, SD card, pen drive etc.

The problem usually appears when your PC system configuration is not powerful enough to play high quality videos. Sometimes Windows updates too interfere with default video and sound device settings.

So if you have stumbled upon this problem of videos…

‘A friend shared a video on my Samsung Galaxy S8 through WhatsApp. But it refuses to play on Android, with the message: ‘Can’t play video. Video codec not supported’. Any way to fix this?’

Android phones are the most convenient and quick way to share all types of videos. You can use WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, and other applications on your device to share and watch unlimited videos. The high-resolution screen of the latest Android devices is perfect to watch movies as well.

android video game

However, smartphones, although popularly used to play videos have their limitations. They may not support every…

Who doesn’t like shortcuts? We are not talking about the shortcuts in life, rather not a witty thing to do. But what you can do faster on your iPhone.

Here are the best hands-on shortcut tricks you can use on your iPhone like a pro.

1. Your headphone can click your pictures

Yes, if those shaky hands fail to click good pictures, you can use the volume up and down buttons on your headphone to do the job for you.

2. Shake and Undo

Why to bother fingers to delete a written text! Shake your iPhone and Undo typing to delete your message. Changed your mind? …

As I clicked on a YouTube video to watch it on my PC, a message appeared on the black background –‘An error occurred, please try again later’. This was not the first I experienced such an issue. I am pretty sure all of you guys too must have experienced it at some point.

I found YouTube and other forums have several such complaints regarding videos not loading or showing ‘error occurred, try again later’ on YouTube.

Looking it as one of most common YouTube problem faced by the users, here I decided to share the troubleshooting methods that you can…

Security cameras are meant to keep an eye at home and office in your absence. However, contrarily, imagine someone else is remotely watching your every move and hearing all conversations. Capturing your pictures and recording videos!

Sounds scary?

This can give goosebumps to anyone.

Vulnerable security camera systems have become an easy play for hackers and cybercriminals to spy on you. Hackers take control of your private life and can misuse it to any extent.

The rise in such cases poses a serious risk to the safety of your family and home. …

Recording real-time videos on iPhone screen and sharing them can be fun. However, losing them is another side of the story, which we are going to address in this post!

After the launch of iOS11, screen recording became easier and more popular as Apple introduced it as a built-in function. Now, gone are the days, when one had to use a computer or third-party applications to record iPhone screen videos.

However, as we know data loss can occur anytime. Complaints regarding the loss of iOS11 screen recordings have been posted on Apple forums.

Reasons for loss of iOS Screen recordings

Whether you are using iOS11 or 12…

Case 1: ‘I did a factory reset on my phone accidentally. It had adopted SD card for internal storage. Now after reset, media files in the adopted partition are lost, how can I get them back?’

Case 2: ‘I first removed the adoptable storage SD card from my phone and factory reset the device. Now, the phone no longer recognizes the SD card and requires reformatting before use. I have thousands of videos and photos in it and don’t want to lose them. Please help!’

You factory reset the Android phone containing adoptable SD card. Accidentally format the internal storage…

A lot of iOS users report error 3503 that pops up when they try to update or restore their iPhone in iTunes.

This post shares how you can easily fix iTunes error 3503 using simple methods.

How to fix iTunes error 3503

Although iTunes error 3503 is a common complaint, Apple is yet to come up with a fix. But you need not to wait for Apple to respond with a solution to resolve the issue. Consider doing the below quick fixes shared, tried and tested by Apple community. …

You expect more in your videos. Superior the better. It’s time to upgrade to 4K Ultra HD camcorder from simple HD.

When you want to advance to 4K Ultra HD, you are definitely looking at high-end cameras with professional attributes. But the buying decision for the 4K UHD camcorders can be a difficult task as it involves spending a good money on an advanced gadget. And you definitely do not want to go wrong in this.

To ease the task, here we bring the Top 7 4K UHD Camcorders that made the buzz in 2017 and continue to do so…

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